Why Do Healthcare Professionals Need to Wear Medical Scrubs?

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

There are workplace-clothing requirements for a lot of jobs, but the healthcare field seems to be the one with the least amount of options. Since the 1970s, medical scrubs have been the wardrobe standard for nurses, doctors, and surgical staff as we started to understand the value of changing into comfortable, sanitized clothing before performing surgery.

While the idea of a uniform might make other job fields cringe, nursing scrubs have an invaluable place in the health care setting.

Why Medical Scrubs are Required

There are several reasons that medical scrubs are now an essential part of the healthcare system. Here are a few of them:

1. Identify medical personnel. Like a doctor’s white coat, scrubs help patients identify you if they need medical attention. When you pair scrubs with your identification badge, the outfit shows that you are allowed in your facility’s restricted areas.

2. Create a uniform look. Scrubs give your team a uniform, professional appearance. Wearing the same scrubs prevents employees from using brands or designs that detract from the professional setting.

3. Establish trust. Patients and their families pay attention to what nurses and other medical staff wear. They often associate appearance with individual’s trustworthiness and professional ability.

4. Sanitation and safety. Medical scrubs are cleaner and more sanitary than personal outfits due to their cleaning techniques and limited frills. This reduces the risk of medical workers carrying and spreading harmful contaminants.

5. Comfort and convenience. Long days and nights in a medical facility require clothing to be comfortable and offer good mobility. The looser fit make scrubs easy to put on and take off and the lightweight fabric keeps you cool and comfortable.

Scrubs also often have multiple pockets that are perfect for pens, flashlights, communication devices and gloves. Regular clothing doesn’t offer this convenience.

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Staff 11/30/2016

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