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About Sanibel Medical Uniform Scrubs 

Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding selection of the best nursing uniforms and medical uniform scrubs on the market at reasonable prices. We are constantly updating our styles and inventory to provide you with exhilarating new lines of medical uniform scrubs with exciting new styles and colors.
We take pride in our extensive, high quality line of Sanibel medical uniform scrubs and being a supplier to medical professionals across the United States.
Medical scrubs and work wardrobe
Medical scrubs and work wardrobe
Medical scrubs and work wardrobe

More On Uniform Scrubs For Medical Professionals

Medical scrubs are the sanitary uniform worn by physicians, surgeons, nurses and other professionals working in patient care at medical and day care facilities. Scrubs were first designed for people working in operating rooms such as surgeons and nurses who would wear them prior to scrubbing in for a surgical procedure, since they are conducive to a more sterile environment.
Today they are worn by a variety of health care personnel. Scrubs are also worn in other work environments when clothing may contact infectious blood, body fluids, or organisms.
They are frequently worn by veterinarians and people working in laboratories. Scrubs are designed to be relatively simple with few places that will harbor contaminants. They are easy to clean and inexpensive to replace should they be stained or irreparably damaged.