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5 Simple Ways to be a More Eco-Friendly Healthcare Professional

With Earth Day coming up on April 22 nd , it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share a few tips for going green at work and overall living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Every small action can make a difference when it comes to helping the environment! 1. Hang Your Medical Scrubs to Dry There are millions of dryers in the U.S. alone, each emitting a lot of carbon dioxide per year. Air-drying your scrubs will help you save energy and money. Another positive to air-drying is that your scrubs ...

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More Than Just Blue: Medical Scrubs in Full Color

Color is all around us. Different colors make us happy or feel safe. While many workplaces have a specific medical scrub color that they use, others allow you to choose the color or pattern that reflects your style and preference. Here are some of the color scrubs that we offer at Sanibel Scrubs and what some psychologists say about what those colors mean… 1. Blue Scrubs Since it’s in the title of this article, why not start with blue. Blue scrubs are very popular in many healthcare ...

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Where to Buy Affordable Plus Size Scrubs

If you’re fresh out of school or are just watching your budget, spending a ton of money on scrubs is the last thing you want to do. At the same time, feeling your best and looking your best in your profession is also important. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice style or quality when shopping for plus size scrubs. Sanibel Scrubs Sizing All of the scrubs from Sanibel Scrubs are designed to be flattering, durable, and comfortable. They are made with stretch material and...

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The Fashionable Side of Medicine: Medical Scrubs

Medical attire has come a long way since the 1930’s and 1940’s when professionals in the healthcare industry were limited to similar style, similar colors, and a similar look all around. With access to thousands of retailers and countless styles, colors, and prints, workers in the medical field and medical scrub enthusiasts have never had more of a selection. This fashion buffet of selection can leave anybody overwhelmed with options and looking for the right fit amid fashion fabulou...

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A Vet Tech’s Guide to Scrubs

When people think of scrubs or uniforms, they generally think of nurses, doctors or surgeons, but veterinarians and vet techs wear scrubs too. Do the same rules apply? Generally, the answer is yes. Vets and technicians are often expected to look a certain way in order to appear professional and knowledgeable for their clients. Some offices prefer employees to wear solid color scrubs in order to give a more professional look, while other are more relaxed and allow fun styles and prints. Here are ...

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