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A Vet Tech’s Guide to Scrubs

When people think of scrubs or uniforms, they generally think of nurses, doctors or surgeons, but veterinarians and vet techs wear scrubs too. Do the same rules apply? Generally, the answer is yes. Vets and technicians are often expected to look a certain way in order to appear professional and knowledgeable for their clients. Some offices prefer employees to wear solid color scrubs in order to give a more professional look, while other are more relaxed and allow fun styles and prints. Here are ...

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Medical Wardrobe Outerwear: Fun Ways to Stay Warm

There are many perks to wearing medical scrubs; easy to maintain, uniform look, comfy, and professional. However, one down side is that they don’t keep you very warm in these colder months or colder corridors . A lot of people think to put things under their scrubs to stay warm but it doesn’t always have to be this way! You can warm up your medical scrubs with many different options. Layering Your Scrubs We mentioned above that many people think to add long johns or a long sleeve und...

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How to Take Care of Your Medical Scrubs

You’ve just purchased some crisp, new scrubs, but you know they’ll start to show signs of wear if not cared for properly. Learning how to properly wash and care for your scrubs will keep them looking better and lasting longer! Here are some tips on caring for your medical scrubs: 1. Wash in the correct temperature Medical scrubs often come in 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or more commonly, in a combination of cotton and polyester. In some cases there are also blends including rayon an...

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Men’s Medical Scrubs: Working for Men in Nursing and Beyond

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 91% of registered nurses are female while a mere 9% are male. That’s a pretty staggering statistic. Even though gender equality is headline news recently, there still exists a very strong, traditional perception that the female is the primary caretaker. Which is very interesting considering that up until the early 1900s, men dominated the nursing field. It was in 1901 when times started changing, as men were no longer permitted to serve as nurses and th...

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How to Remove Stains from Your Medical Scrubs

Life in the medical profession is a messy one. Day to day stains can include everything from blood or other bodily fluids to coffee or chocolate. In order to enjoy the full life of your medical scrubs and stay looking clean and professional, you’ve got to be able to treat the stains that come your way. At Sanibel Scrubs, we want you to be happy with your scrub tops , drawstring pants , lab coats , etc. so we’ve compiled some of the common stains and how to treat them with home remedi...

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