4 Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Scrubs

Thursday, September 5, 2019

Scrubs may be comfier than a suit and tie but that doesn't mean you should look like you just rolled out of bed. Even if you had a late night cramming for an exam or binge watching your favorite show, you need to look neat and professional at work. Follow these 4 do's and don'ts to ensure you look great in your scrubs.

1. Do find scrubs that fit you well.

Scrubs shouldn't be too baggy where it gets in the way or too tight where it becomes distracting. Try to find a good in-between fit. With online shopping, you can find a variety of sizes and styles such as petite scrubs, womens scrubs, and mens/unisex scrubs to find a fit that complements your body type. Before buying, take your measurements and read reviews to see how others found the scrubs to fit.

2. Don’t neglect your scrubs.

Keep your scrubs in good shape to extend their quality. In the nursing field, there’s a good chance that you'll get something on your scrubs which means stains are bound to happen. One remedy against this is to wear darker-colored scrubs. Stains are less noticeable on dark colors which means you continue looking your best at work even if something got on you. If you can, invest in higher quality scrubs because the wear and tear of washing can be hard on fabric, especially lower quality scrubs. Although you may pay more initially, your scrubs will last longer.

3. Do follow the dress code.

Check your facility’s dress code as some only allow certain colors or prints. Even if there are restrictions, you can dress up your scrubs in other ways to make it your own. You can personalize your look with accessories, makeup, or hair - just make sure that you follow the dress code.

4. Don’t show too much.

Your boss, co-workers, patients, or clients won’t want to see your undergarments at work. When shopping for pants, do a couple of squats to see if they ride down. Also, avoid an embarrassing realization that people can see your bra or underwear through your scrubs by checking them in different lighting and angles to see if they’re sheer.

Look Your Best in Sanibel Scrubs

One way to keep your scrubs looking their best is to first start with quality scrubs. Sanibel Scrubs specializes in medical scrubs, lab coats, and other medical wardrobes for both women and men. We offer a variety of sizes, designs, and colors to complement your body type and personality.

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Sanibel Scrubs 9/5/2019

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