How To Maintain Your Scrubs to Extend Quality

Friday, August 2, 2019
When you properly maintain your scrubs, they not only give you a clean, professional appearance, you can extend their quality too. Your scrubs work as hard as you do so it’s important to give them the love that they deserve. Below are five tips for keeping your regular, tall, or petite scrubs in good working order and safely sanitized. Have any scrubs maintenance tips of your own? Leave us a comment!

1. Pre-Treat Before First Use

For new scrubs, wash them separately in cold water with ½ cup of vinegar. Doing this will help set the color of the scrubs and prevent fading. Pre-treating the scrubs before the first use also helps keep their appearance and extend their life because disinfecting is harsh on fabrics and strips the color if they’re not pre-treated.

2. Only Wear Scrubs For Work

Reserve your scrubs for work use only to ensure they’re clean and safe to wear, which is particularly crucial when you work in the medical field. We recommend:
  • Placing clean scrubs in airtight bags before wearing to protect them from germs and contagions
  • Changing into your scrubs at your workplace to avoid contamination
  • After your shift, not eating in your scrubs
  • Changing out of them before doing errands and other activities outside of work
Following these recommendations will prevent extra wear and tear thereby extending the life of your scrubs.

3. Give Them Special Treatment

Your scrubs aren’t regular clothes so don’t treat them like you would other garments. For one thing, they need to be thoroughly disinfected which is why you shouldn’t mix them with the rest of your laundry. Additionally, you should have more than one pair to ensure you have fresh, clean scrubs for each shift.

4. Wash Scrubs At Least Twice

Sending your scrubs through at least two wash cycles will properly disinfect them. Turn the scrubs inside out to keep them from rubbing against each other and pilling. Next, put them through the regular or normal cycle with cold water and detergent. Set the load size to large or extra-large to give the scrubs space to move around. When the first washing is done, check the scrubs for any visible stains. If there are any, treat them again with stain remover and wash them once more in cold water.
When all stains are gone, begin the next washing process. Add ¾ cup of color-safe beach according to your washer machine’s directions and wash the scrubs on the regular or normal setting with hot water. After the washing is done, dry the scrubs on the highest heat setting for a minimum of 30 minutes to further kill bacteria.

5. Add The Final Touch

After your scrubs are finished drying, add the final touch by ironing them to give them a professional, tidy appearance. The heat also kills more germs for additional disinfection. When you’re done ironing your scrubs, place them in a clean, dry airtight bag to prevent contamination.

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Maintaining your scrubs will ensure you have clean, sanitary scrubs and a professional appearance. One way to extend the life of your scrubs is to first start with quality scrubs. Sanibel Scrubs is a family-owned business that specializes in medical scrubs, lab coats, and other medical wardrobes for both women and men. We care greatly about our scrubs and the people who wear them.
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Sanibel Scrubs 8/2/2019

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