Does Your Job Have a Medical Scrub Color Code?

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Color coded scrubs can be a blessing or curse depending on whom you ask. Some nurses, vets, dental technicians, etc. love that they never have to worry about picking the right patterns or prints, while others choose medical scrubs that reflect their own style.

Why do hospitals or other workplaces require color coding? Here are some of the possible benefits associated with the medical scrub trend:

The Potential Benefits of Color Coded Scrubs

Increase patient satisfaction

Color coded scrubs allow patients and families to more easily identify nurses and staff. For example, if they need to speak with a member of the Cardiology department they can look for nurses wearing blue scrub uniforms.

Develop Teamwork

Being able to quickly spot members of your team allows you to ask for assistance without searching for the right person. There is also a greater sense of unity, with everyone sporting the same department colors. And better teamwork leads to better care for the patients and happier employees.

Reduce Uniform Costs

Since you won’t need to worry about adding variety to your wardrobe, you’ll be able to save money purchasing a few quality pairs of scrubs in your color. By simply stocking up on a few sets, you can also have fewer laundry days.

On-site Laundering

Some hospitals offer on-site laundering after making the switch to color coding because they don’t need to worry about different colors bleeding. Everyone in the department is wearing the same shade.

Stress Free Wardrobe

By taking out the guesswork of trying on scrubs and trying to figure out what to wear, you can have one less stress in your life. You can grab a clean pair of scrubs and head out the door.

Many hospitals have started choosing to switch to a color coded policy to help patients and coworkers identify staff by department. In some cases, colors are chosen based on the emotions or perceptions that they convey. Blue is thought to have a calming effect on patients being prepped for surgery, while white is often perceived as a clean and professional color.

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Staff 9/7/2016

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