Medical Professional Scrubs Styles

Friday, July 17, 2015
Any medical staff member that comes in physical contact with a patient and patients’ bodily fluids are required to wear medical scrubs for hygiene purposes.
Originally, scrubs were comprised of a short-sleeved, wrap style top and loose elastic cotton pants, pulled on by doctors as part of the ‘scrubbing in’ process. These types of scrubs were only meant to be worn in the operating room so that the spread of germs and possible infections would be hindered. Nowadays, medical scrubs are worn differently. Professionals wear scrubs during their entire shift and don’t change back into their regular clothing until it is time to go home.

Medical Scrubs Styles Per Profession

With so many professions using scrubs, the utilities and styles can change between what suits a nurse the best versus what works best for a surgeon. Scrubs are now worn by doctors, nurses, medical assistants, clinical assistants, nursing assistants, surgeons, anesthesiologists, dentists and other staff that work in a clinical capacity with patient cases. Even administrative medical assistants either wear scrubs or a lab coat over their regular clothing, depending on the employer.


Since surgeons spend a lot of their time operating, they tend to wear the wrap style or straight cut scrubs. Short sleeves are a must so they don’t interfere with surgery. Surgeons prefer scrubs that are breathable, disposable, and are easily removed.

Consulting doctors

When making their rounds, consulting doctors most commonly wear scrub sets along with a professional consulting jacket. Pockets are important for these types of professionals, as they need to carry their stethoscope, pens and more.


Nurses are required to wear scrubs at all times. Their scrub style is usually personal preference, as long as they comply with any standards in place by the employer. Depending on what suits your body best you may choose to go with a v-neck top paired with a drawstring pant, or a mock wrap top can be very flattering.  


Depending on if it is a private practice and the roles they play, dentists can either be found wearing full scrubs or their regular clothing under a lab coat. Dental hygienists wear scrubs because they help maintain hygiene in a tricky environment. 
There are still many other professionals who utilize medical scrubs that were not mentioned. While some doctors or nurses tend to where similar things, there is always room for variation.
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