Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Medical Scrubs

Monday, August 6, 2018

You’ve just purchased some crisp, new scrubs, but you know they’ll start to show signs of wear if not cared for properly. Learning how to properly wash and care for your scrubs will keep them looking better and lasting longer!

How to Take Care of Your Medical ScrubsHere are the top tips for caring for your medical scrubs:

1. Wash in the correct temperature

Medical scrubs often come in 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or more commonly, in a combination of cotton and polyester. In some cases there are also blends including rayon and spandex. 100% cotton scrubs should be washed in cold water, along with 100% polyester. Combination material scrubs should be washed in warm water.

2. Add ½ cup white distilled vinegar

Adding white distilled vinegar to your load will help to set colors and prevent bleeding. The vinegar also acts as a natural disinfectant, which we all know just how much bacteria can accumulate on your uniform after wearing them all day.

3. Turn scrubs inside out

Before adding your nursing scrubs into your wash, turn them inside out. When different fabrics rub against each other while in the wash cycle, fading occurs. By turning the scrubs inside out you can protect them from fading.

4. Avoid hot water

Although you want to wash your Sanibel Scrubs lab coats in warm water, it is important to avoid soaking any of your medical wardrobe in hot water. Hot water actually sets in stains that may have gathered throughout the day.

5. Line dry your scrubs when possible

The heat from the dryer can shrink or fade your medical scrubs. If you do need to use the dryer, put it on the lowest tumble dry setting your machine offers. Polyester and cotton blends typically resist wrinkles but if you do happen to need to iron your scrubs be sure to use a low heat setting as you could melt the synthetic polyester material with too much heat.

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Sanibel Scrubs 8/6/2018

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