A Vet Tech’s Guide to Scrubs

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

When people think of scrubs or uniforms, they generally think of nurses, doctors or surgeons, but veterinarians and vet techs wear scrubs too. Do the same rules apply?

Generally, the answer is yes. Vets and technicians are often expected to look a certain way in order to appear professional and knowledgeable for their clients. Some offices prefer employees to wear solid color scrubs in order to give a more professional look, while other are more relaxed and allow fun styles and prints.

Here are the basic elements that make up a uniform for veterinarians and vet technicians:


Similar to medical scrubs worn by nurses, vet techs wear a uniform both in education and professional veterinary settings. Tops should be unrestricted and loose-fitting tops with pockets and other styling as preferred.


Loosing fitting, wide leg pants accompany the scrub top. Some techs prefer elastic waistbands while others go for drawstring pants, allowing for more adjustability. Plenty of pockets allow you to carry tools and treats!


Vet techs are on their feet a lot assisting their furry patients. Shoes must be sturdy and supportive, as they often need to help restrain animals. Athletic shoes with thick insoles provide support and the ability to move quickly if needed. Shoes should be close-toed and worn with socks to keep the work area sanitary and professional.


Since vet techs work in a clinical setting, jewelry and accessories are kept at a minimum. Earrings should be the small, stud-style and not be reflective or distracting to animals. Waterproof watches and badge reels are accessories that you can expect to see.

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Staff 10/17/2018

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