Which Medical Scrub Style is Best for Your Body Type?

Thursday, June 11, 2015

There are five basic body types that are used when picking out clothing. Not sure which one you are? Here are some questions to help figure it out:

1. Do you have curves both in the bust and hips with a narrow waist (the hourglass)? 

2. Are you rounder in the middle (the apple)?

3. Do you have narrow shoulders and carry more weight in your hips and thighs (the triangle)?

4. Are you busty/large chest with broad shoulders (the inverted triangle)?

5. Is your waist not sharply defined, with a shape more narrow through the torso (athletic)?


Of course, no one fits into these categories perfectly, but you should see some kind of resemblance to one of the types.

No matter which “shape” you are, your body is beautiful. This article is only to help find the fit of medical scrubs that showcases your greatest assets. There are no set in stone rules.


Medical Scrub Types for Your Body 

Body Type 1 - Hourglass

Which Medical Scrub Style is Best for Your Body Type?

·      Flared pants with scoop tees

·      V-neck wrap tops

·      Nipped-waist jackets with straight-leg pants

·      Small print tops


Body Type 2 - Apple Shaped

·      Loose fit wrap tops

·      Print scrubs

·      High rise scrub pants


Body Type 3 - The Triangle

·      Printed tops

·      Printed hip-length jacket with a solid boatneck or scoop-neck top

·      Matching pants


Body Type 4 – The Inverted Triangle

·      Loose but not baggy tops

·      V-neck or mock wrap tops

·      Darker colors

·      Fitted but not tight pants


Body Type 5 – Athletic

·      Printed fabrics

·      Layers

·      Ruched or detailed tops

·      Flared pants


Style Tips for Men 

As a general rule for any gender, buying scrubs that fit you properly is the best style advice. Don’t go too tight or too baggy.

For a style quiz to see which style is best for you, check out Scrubs Style Tool.


Remember, first impressions are important. Scrubs can affect your job, especially if you’re wearing styles that flatter your body shape. Not only will your scrubs work with your body, you’ll also have the confidence to wear them well!

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