Top 6 Nursing Supply Must-Haves

Monday, May 18, 2015

Just like any profession, nurses have their trusty tools of the trade.  Like a mechanic has their tools, hairdressers with their shears and lawn care company with their mowers, a nurse's tools become a part of who you are.

Here are the top six nursing must-haves:

1. Medical Scrubs

Top 6 Nursing Supply Must-HavesYour medical wardrobe is your outward appearance to your colleagues and to your patients. Having a professional and yet still functional look is key when selecting your scrubs. Many nurses opt for scrubs with plenty of pockets. Especially in the nursing field, medical scrub tops and pants with pockets are must haves! From stethoscopes to pens and more, your pockets have to hold it all. Check to make sure your scrubs have plenty of pockets and that some of them are large enough to hold even something as large as an iPad or notepad.

For more tips on choosing your medical scrubs, see our Scrubs Buying Guide.

2. Stethoscope

While some nurses prefer lightweight stethoscopes, what you need often depends on where you work. You’ll have it on you more often than not, so pick one that works well for you.

3. ID Badge Holder

Going in and out of secured hospital areas or office can be a pain with a clipped on badge holder. Even a lanyard can sometimes be inconvenient if the card reader is waist high. The best solution? A retractable badge holder.

4. Scissors

Carrying a pair of 5 ½” stainless steel utility and bandage scissors such asListerette, Prestige and MiniMedicutis always advised. Good scissors can be reasonably priced and you can find colors to match your medical scrubs.

5. Watch

Yes, you still use a watch to check a pulse, especially since it’s right there on your wrist. Make sure it has a nice, brightly colored second hand, and is water-resistant, since you’ll be washing your hands throughout the day.

6. Pen

Might not seem like something all that important but finding a pen you like can be handy. Some nurses use pens with a built-in blue LED light so they are able to check eyes without carrying a separate penlight.

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Sanibel Scrubs 5/18/2015

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