Top 5 Medical Scrub Faux Pas

Wednesday, April 20, 2016
Some of the medical scrub faux pas in this article may seem obvious, but we know you still see them around the workplace, so it happens enough to bring up. By following a few simple guidelines, you can avoid these blunders and continue looking fabulous while feeling comfortable in your scrubs.


#1 Wearing Dirty Scrubs

Ok, maybe they have been washed, but stained or wrinkly scrubs are off-putting to just about everyone. Because we must pay a strict adherence to cleanliness and the transfer of pathogens, make sure your scrubs are always as clean and presentable as possible.

#2 Wearing Oversized Scrubs

As with every day fashion, fit is the most important thing. An expensive coat that is two sizes too big will look way more ridiculous than a normal priced, well-fitting coat. This same principle applies to scrub tops and pants. Scrubs should fit so that you have enough room to be both comfortable and flexible. Too much material can get in the way and looks unprofessional.

#3 Flood Warning Pants

High-water pants are never very fashionable, but it can be even worse when we’re talking about scrub pants. Pants that show inches of your ankles in the operating room or dental office not only are embarrassing, but also look unprofessional. Make sure to always buy the inseam of your scrub pants long enough and don’t accidentally shrink them in the dryer.

#4 Wearing Obnoxious Colors

Bright orange or camouflage scrubs aren’t necessarily the best option for an environment where your job entails keeping patients calm and stress-free. Looking like you escaped from prison or climbed out of the woods isn’t going to elicit the emotions you want to give off.

#5 Being Unprepared

Scrubs may get stained or be dirtied beyond the point of wearing them and may need to be changed during the day. There’s no time to run home in the middle of the day, so keeping a second pair on hand is something everyone should do.

Avoiding these five common faux pas will keep you maintain a professional appearance at all times.
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