Medical Wardrobe Dos and Don’ts

Monday, April 16, 2018

While you may be really comfortable in your medical scrubs, you may be committing one of these medical wardrobe faux pas! Give yourself a scrub checkup to make sure you’re dressing for success.

1. Ankles and Wrists

Pant and sleeve lengths are issues that are easily avoidable. Finding the size that fits your body is easy at Sanibel Scrubs. We carry petite, regular and tall scrub pant sizes to fit anybody. Just like you don’t want your ankles are wrists to show, you also don’t want your sleeves or pant legs too be overly long either.

Medical Wardrobe Dos and Don’ts

2. Neckline

Medical scrub tops with too low of a V-neck tend to reveal a bit too much, especially when you are bending over. If you are having this problem, throw on a camisole or t-shirt underneath. Keep your neckline at a modest length. With all of the bending and lifting you do on a daily basis, it’s easier to keep things cool, comfortable and classy. 

3. Fit

The way your scrubs fit you says more about how put together you are than you’d think.  If your medical scrubs are overly baggy or a tad too small, it may appear unprofessional. Our stretchy and stylish mock wrap tops are the perfect way to stay comfortable while still looking put-together and professional. 

4. Patterns and Prints

While cartoon characters are appropriate in pediatrics, consider your professional setting when picking out prints or patterns for your scrubs or outerwear. Our stylish colors are appropriate for any environment or patient.

5. Keep Them Clean

The biggest faux pas when it comes to your medical wardrobe isn’t exactly what you wear, but how you take care of it. Keeping your scrubs clean and looking new is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a professional appearance. Faded or stained scrubs give off the wrong message, that you or your employer isn’t serious about hygiene. Need help getting out stains from your scrubs? Check out our guide for different stains and home remedies.


Sanibel Scrubs specializes in medial scrubs, lab coats, and other medical wardrobe for both men and women. As a private label brand, we are able to offer you the best quality and best prices. We understand what you expect from your uniforms and it's our goal to provide it. View our scrubs today and Escape the Ordinary.


Sanibel Scrubs 4/16/2018

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