Medical Scrubs: What to Wear

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

First impressions are always important, but especially so in the medical field. With your patients looking to you to be the expert and to care for their well being, it is important that their impressions of you are positive. You want to exude confidence, competence, and professionalism when treating your patients so that you can gain that trusting bond with them and to help them get better. 

In order to do this you’ve got to start off with a clean, professional appearance. We’ve gathered some tips to help you make the best first impressions in your medical scrubs

Wear the Right Gear

In a medical setting, whether it be a dentist office, hospital or veterinary office, it is important to have a well-polished and clean appearance. With these three tips you’ll be sure not to have any wardrobe malfunctions.
Medical Scrubs: What to Wea

1.  When shopping for your medical wardrobe, be sure to buy scrubs that flatter you body (not too tight or too baggy).

2.  Wear light colored underwear (nude shades) when wearing your lighter colored scrubs.

3.  Try investing in drawstring pants for your scrub bottoms to ensure a snug fit without being too constricting for your movements.

Keep Your Medical Scrubs Clean

May seem obvious but keeping your scrubs in good condition will give your appearance one of professionalism and keep your patients feeling secure in your hands. No one likes to see body fluids on your scrubs, not even your coworkers. Make sure to treat your stains as soon as you get home and keep an extra pair of scrubs at work just in case!

Another task to put on your list is to hang up your scrubs to dry, or iron them before use. Wrinkles can give you a sloppy appearance even if your scrubs are clean and fit well. Keep your medical scrubs looking great with these tips!

Groom Yourself Properly 

Clean scrubs and lab coats are great but you’ve got to take care of yourself too in order to make those great first impressions. Be sure to trim your nails. Patients are already being poked and prodded enough; you don’t need to add your nails to the list.

Remember to pull back your hair. While you may look beautiful with your hair down, you definitely don’t want it falling in your patient’s faces, or anything else for that matter.

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