Medical Scrubs: A Buying Guide

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Whether you are working in a hospital, dental office, or veterinary clinic, most employers have some dress code when it comes to your medical scrubs. Some employers however, don’t have many or any restrictions when it come to buying your scrubs so feel free to have fun and choose from the plethora of colors, patterns, shapes and cuts there are to choose from.

Here are some tips for buying medical scrubs:

Choosing the Right Color Scrubs

Sometimes your employer will only allow white scrubs, if this is the case, be sure to buy scrubs that are safe to bleach. You can check our tips for getting stains out of medical scrubs here.

If you are able to choose colored scrubs, check to see if there are any color schemes you should be working with. Colors can be mixed and matched as well as paired with accessories to really bring out your personality. Just be sure that you invest in quality scrubs so that your colors don’t fade and the fabric will stay strong after plenty of washing. 

Functionality and Pockets

Especially in the nursing field, medical scrub tops and pants with pockets are must haves! From stethoscopes to pens and more, your pockets have to hold it all. Check to make sure your scrubs have plenty of pockets and that some of them are large enough to hold even something as large as an iPad or notepad.

Medical Scrubs: A Buying GuideQuality and Quantity

Ensuring that your scrubs are both comfortable and stylish are top priorities when selecting your medical wardrobe. Always choose scrubs that are either 100% cotton, cotton and polyester blend, or cotton with organic stretch fibers. Comfort doesn’t have to be the only factor in choosing your scrubs however. You can find fashion even in a medical wardrobe. For example, our scrub tops have a stylish notched neckline and mock wrap look, while a dart on either side of the back give it a flattering fit. You can even find our tops in prints and patterns!

Just make sure you have enough scrubs to get you through laundry day. No matter how fashionable you may look, stains and dirt are never in style.


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