How to Choose Your Medical Scrubs Colors

Friday, September 18, 2015
Colors can have a major effect on mood and energy. Wearing your favorite color medical scrubs can have a positive effect on your entire day and the people around you. Colors are a powerful communication tool and it is therapeutic as well as expressive.
There is truth to the energies that colors emit and there is no escaping them. Guys traditionally wear dark colors while women wear all colors and prints depending on their personality and mood. These two things influence your choices in choosing your scrubs and sometimes they conflict with each other.

Check out our Sanibel Scrubs Color Psychology Guide to help choose the scrubs for you:

How to Choose Your Medical Scrubs ColorsDeep Red/Wine is elegant, powerful, warm, and strong
Light Blue/Ceil represents calm, patient, and peaceful.

Royal Blue
is positive, energetic, and vibrant.

Navy Blue
is authoritative, professional, and credible.

Hunter Green represents harmony, health, peace, refreshment and restoration.

is practical, logical, and methodical.

Purple is meditative, spiritually aware and truthful.
Black shows security, represents sophistication and efficiency.
Once you have your medical wardrobe expressing how you feel, don’t forget to keep it looking nice. Keeping your scrubs clean and looking new is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a professional appearance. Faded or stained scrubs give off the wrong message about your work ethic, and can seriously dilute your positive vibes. Need help getting out stains from your scrubs? Check out our guide for different stains and home remedies.
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