5 Professions That Wear Scrubs to Work

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

When people think of scrubs or medical uniforms, they generally think of nurses, doctors or surgeons, but there are plenty of other professions that utilize medical scrubs as their every day work wear.

Medical Scrubs for Nurses

Of course nursing is on the top of the list, as scrubs have been part of the nursing wardrobe for many years now. Medical scrubs are perfect for the busy nurse as they take care of patient needs, performing physical exams, provide patients with educational and health promotion information, coordinate care of patients, and direct other practitioners.

There are a multitude of specialties in nursing as well. A few different types of fields include critical care, emergency department, OB, cardiac nursing and nursing informatics. In some facilities, these different departments will wear color-coordinated scrubs in order for staff to easily tell who belong to which department in the event they need assistance.

Veterinarian Technician Scrubs

Vet techs are another group of professionals who utilize scrubs. Just like the nurses who take care of human patients, vet techs have a somewhat messy job, collecting blood and tissue samples, urinalysis, and other medical tasks. In this environment, medical scrubs keep things as sanitary as possible while maintaining a professional appearance.

Veterinarian technicians wear a uniform both in education and professional veterinary settings.

Dental Assistant Scrubs

Dental assistants primarily work in a dentist or orthodontist’s office and perform many tasks including taking x-rays, assisting in dental treatment, comforting patients, cleaning teeth, and flossing for patients.

When it comes to scrubs for dental assistants, many offices try to maintain a cohesive look and limit scrubs color choices to a specific color scheme. This helps to give the office a unified appearance and instill a sense of trust from the patients.

Physical Therapist / Physical Therapy Assistant (PTA) Scrubs

PTAs typically engage patients in exercise, training, use massage to treat patients and help with balance and coordination. When helping patients restore function to certain muscle groups, it’s important that they have flexibility and are able to move with the patient.

Medical scrubs that have a good blend of quality materials allow you to have the stretch needed in the fabric to be comfortable and flattering. It’s also good to have plenty of pockets in your scrubs to hold any work-related devices you may need throughout your appointments.

Imaging Technologist Scrubs

While still in the medical profession, imaging technologists are often part of an offsite team. Imaging technologists have an array of specialties, including radiation oncology, interventional radiology, medical physics, diagnostic radiology and pain medicine. All of which require patient trust and confidence.

Medical scrubs for imaging technicians can help to portray that trusted appearance with you help to take these vital scans that will ultimately help to diagnose the patient.

These professions are just a few of the careers that require medical scrubs. Many people in these professions are searching for affordable and comfortable scrubs to wear that are still quality.

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Sanibel Scrubs 5/1/2019

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