Medical Scrubs

Best Scrubs for Women to Consider

The best scrubs for women are those are comfortable, functional, and flattering. However, knowing which women’s scrubs to buy especially when shopping online is easier said than done. Below are some things you should take into consideration when selecting women’s scrubs. Women’s Scrub Tops There are a variety of women’s scrub tops with different cuts, colors, and patterns to make you look and feel great throughout your workday. Scrub tops should be durable, comfortable, a...

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4 Do’s and Don’ts of Wearing Scrubs

Scrubs may be comfier than a suit and tie but that doesn't mean you should look like you just rolled out of bed. Even if you had a late night cramming for an exam or binge watching your favorite show, you need to look neat and professional at work. Follow these 4 do's and don'ts to ensure you look great in your scrubs. 1. Do find scrubs that fit you well. Scrubs shouldn't be too baggy where it gets in the way or too tight where it becomes distracting. Try to find a good in-between fit. With onli...

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How To Maintain Your Scrubs to Extend Quality

When you properly maintain your scrubs, they not only give you a clean, professional appearance, you can extend their quality too. Your scrubs work as hard as you do so it’s important to give them the love that they deserve. Below are five tips for keeping your regular , tall , or petite scrubs in good working order and safely sanitized. Have any scrubs maintenance tips of your own? Leave us a comment! 1. Pre-Treat Before First Use For new scrubs, wash them separately in cold water with &#...

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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing Medical Scrubs

Wearing scrubs is almost like a badge of honor for medical professionals. Originally worn by surgeons and other operating room staff, scrubs are now a staple of any medical professional’s wardrobe. This means that more and more types of people are searching to find the best medical scrubs for them. If you are going to buy a scrub uniform, here are some tips to finding the right scrubs for you: Scrubs should be comfortable and flexible. Scrubs should be loose enough to easily allow you to b...

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5 Professions That Wear Scrubs to Work

When people think of scrubs or medical uniforms, they generally think of nurses, doctors or surgeons, but there are plenty of other professions that utilize medical scrubs as their every day work wear. Medical Scrubs for Nurses Of course nursing is on the top of the list, as scrubs have been part of the nursing wardrobe for many years now . Medical scrubs are perfect for the busy nurse as they take care of patient needs, performing physical exams, provide patients with educational and health pro...

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The Ultimate Scrubs Fit Guide

You wear your scrubs all day or maybe all night , so they need to be comfortable, functional, and flattering. But how do you know which scrubs to buy – especially when buying online? With a tape measure and a little bit of knowledge, you can ensure you get perfect fitting medical scrubs every time. The Perfect Fit Starts With Accurate Measurements In order to get the most flattering scrubs for your body, you should start by taking your measurements. You can do this by using a fle...

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5 Simple Ways to be a More Eco-Friendly Healthcare Professional

With Earth Day coming up on April 22 nd , it seemed like the perfect opportunity to share a few tips for going green at work and overall living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Every small action can make a difference when it comes to helping the environment! 1. Hang Your Medical Scrubs to Dry There are millions of dryers in the U.S. alone, each emitting a lot of carbon dioxide per year. Air-drying your scrubs will help you save energy and money. Another positive to air-drying is that your scrubs ...

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More Than Just Blue: Medical Scrubs in Full Color

Color is all around us. Different colors make us happy or feel safe. While many workplaces have a specific medical scrub color that they use, others allow you to choose the color or pattern that reflects your style and preference. Here are some of the color scrubs that we offer at Sanibel Scrubs and what some psychologists say about what those colors mean… 1. Blue Scrubs Since it’s in the title of this article, why not start with blue. Blue scrubs are very popular in many healthcare ...

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Where to Buy Affordable Plus Size Scrubs

If you’re fresh out of school or are just watching your budget, spending a ton of money on scrubs is the last thing you want to do. At the same time, feeling your best and looking your best in your profession is also important. Thankfully, you don’t have to sacrifice style or quality when shopping for plus size scrubs. Sanibel Scrubs Sizing All of the scrubs from Sanibel Scrubs are designed to be flattering, durable, and comfortable. They are made with stretch material and...

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The Fashionable Side of Medicine: Medical Scrubs

Medical attire has come a long way since the 1930’s and 1940’s when professionals in the healthcare industry were limited to similar style, similar colors, and a similar look all around. With access to thousands of retailers and countless styles, colors, and prints, workers in the medical field and medical scrub enthusiasts have never had more of a selection. This fashion buffet of selection can leave anybody overwhelmed with options and looking for the right fit amid fashion fabulou...

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A Vet Tech’s Guide to Scrubs

When people think of scrubs or uniforms, they generally think of nurses, doctors or surgeons, but veterinarians and vet techs wear scrubs too. Do the same rules apply? Generally, the answer is yes. Vets and technicians are often expected to look a certain way in order to appear professional and knowledgeable for their clients. Some offices prefer employees to wear solid color scrubs in order to give a more professional look, while other are more relaxed and allow fun styles and prints. Here are ...

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Medical Wardrobe Outerwear: Fun Ways to Stay Warm

There are many perks to wearing medical scrubs; easy to maintain, uniform look, comfy, and professional. However, one down side is that they don’t keep you very warm in these colder months or colder corridors . A lot of people think to put things under their scrubs to stay warm but it doesn’t always have to be this way! You can warm up your medical scrubs with many different options. Layering Your Scrubs We mentioned above that many people think to add long johns or a long sleeve und...

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Top Tips for Taking Care of Your Medical Scrubs

You’ve just purchased some crisp, new scrubs, but you know they’ll start to show signs of wear if not cared for properly. Learning how to properly wash and care for your scrubs will keep them looking better and lasting longer! Here are the top tips for caring for your medical scrubs: 1. Wash in the correct temperature Medical scrubs often come in 100% cotton, 100% polyester, or more commonly, in a combination of cotton and polyester. In some cases there are also blends including rayo...

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Men’s Medical Scrubs: Working for Men in Nursing and Beyond

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 91% of registered nurses are female while a mere 9% are male. That’s a pretty staggering statistic. Even though gender equality is headline news recently, there still exists a very strong, traditional perception that the female is the primary caretaker. Which is very interesting considering that up until the early 1900s, men dominated the nursing field. It was in 1901 when times started changing, as men were no longer permitted to serve as nurses and th...

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How to Remove Stains from Your Medical Scrubs

Life in the medical profession is a messy one. Day to day stains can include everything from blood or other bodily fluids to coffee or chocolate. In order to enjoy the full life of your medical scrubs and stay looking clean and professional, you’ve got to be able to treat the stains that come your way. At Sanibel Scrubs, we want you to be happy with your scrub tops , drawstring pants , lab coats , etc. so we’ve compiled some of the common stains and how to treat them with home remedi...

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Medical Wardrobe Dos and Don’ts

While you may be really comfortable in your medical scrubs, you may be committing one of these medical wardrobe faux pas! Give yourself a scrub checkup to make sure you’re dressing for success. 1. Ankles and Wrists Pant and sleeve lengths are issues that are easily avoidable. Finding the size that fits your body is easy at Sanibel Scrubs. We carry petite , regular and tall scrub pant sizes to fit any body . Just like you don’t want your ankles are wrists to show, you also don’t...

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5 Essential Nursing School Must-Haves

Nursing school is tough, but having the right gear can make it a lot easier. Here is a short list of the top five essentials you’ll need to get through nursing school: 1. Scrubs Of course medical scrubs come in at number one for the most essential items for nursing students. Depending on your school or your style, there are plenty of options to choose from. Play it safe by sticking with traditional hues in neutral color palettes white, black, gray and blue which all work with any professio...

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2018 New Year’s Resolutions for Nurses

2018 is here and it’s time to set some goals for the new year! Sure, most New Year’s resolutions don’t actually come into fruition – usually dieting and fitness are the first to go… But here are some simple ways to make your life better this year that are easy to maintain throughout the year. Stay Positive Did you know that complaining has been linked to worsening your mood instead of lightening the burden? It’s true. If you find yourself focusing on the negat...

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Tips for Buying Your Medical Scrubs

Whether you are working in a hospital, dental office, or veterinary clinic, most employers have some dress code when it comes to your medical scrubs . While some are stricter than others, your options for purchasing medical scrubs are nearly endless. You can choose from the plethora of colors, patterns, shapes and cuts. Here are some tips for buying medical scrubs: #1 Find Your Color Some employers only allow white scrubs. If this is the case for you, be sure to buy scrubs that are safe to bleac...

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Medical Scrubs: Stretchy vs Traditional Fabric

At Sanibel Scrubs, we carry many different colors, styles and prints in our affordable scrub collections. One common question we get from people shopping for scrubs for the first time or looking to freshen up their medical wardrobe is, Which is better – stretchy or more traditional scrubs? Though this question occurs often, and definitely each has its own pros and cons, in the end it really comes down to personal preference and what types of tasks you perform during the day. With that bein...

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A Trusted Supply of Medical Scrubs at Your Fingertips

If you run, own, or operate any kind of doctor's office or medical practice, than having both a source and a supply of medical scrubs at your disposal is key. Even if your staff buys their own scrubs or they have uniforms assigned to them, keeping a collection of spare medical scrubs available in accessible storage is a good idea. Accidents and incidents can happen at any time, and the medical field is often a messy one. All kinds of bodily fluids and chemicals might wind up on your employees...

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5 Tips for Buying Your Scrubs Online

Online shopping is the new standard when buying clothes, shoes, accessories, and pretty much anything else you can think of. However, shopping for clothes online can be a little limiting, since you can’t try anything on. You’re not always sure what you see will be what you get. That’s why we’re sharing our five tips for buying medical scrubs online. #1 Check for Deals Being a first-time buyer from an online store can gain you some serious savings. Many companies offer dis...

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Medical Scrubs FAQ: How do you keep your scrubs from fading?

Whether you’re in nursing school, are a practicing RN, or work in another type of job such as veterinarian that wears scrubs, you know the struggle of trying to keep your scrubs looking fresh. Fading color is a big issue some people have while trying to keep scrubs clean and sterile. Your scrubs are an investment and in order to keep them looking like new, there are a few things you can do. 1. Start with a quality set of medical scrubs. This doesn’t mean you need to buy expensive scr...

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Choosing Medical Scrubs That Keep You on Budget

The road to becoming a medical professional is a long, difficult journey. It requires no less than complete dedication, self-sacrifice and total commitment. And although the path to becoming a medical professional might not be the easiest one, the rewards and personal benefits are often immeasurable. Keeping a Budget after School Becoming a medical professional requires a lot of schooling, which can cause a financial strain during and after your schooling is complete. LPN training programs last ...

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New Year, New Medical Wardrobe

Make your 2017 New Year’s resolution to look and feel great in a new medical wardrobe! The beginning of a new year is the perfect time to go through your faded or ill-fitting scrubs and either donate or toss them to make room for new scrubs. Whether you choose to go brighter, try a new style, or try prints, 2017 is the year to start looking your best and feeling great. So it’s out with the old and in with the new scrubs, that is . With a bit of organizing, your messy closet will no l...

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Why Do Healthcare Professionals Need to Wear Medical Scrubs?

There are workplace-clothing requirements for a lot of jobs, but the healthcare field seems to be the one with the least amount of options. Since the 1970s, medical scrubs have been the wardrobe standard for nurses, doctors, and surgical staff as we started to understand the value of changing into comfortable, sanitized clothing before performing surgery. While the idea of a uniform might make other job fields cringe, nursing scrubs have an invaluable place in the health care setting. Why Medica...

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Medical Scrubs Throughout History

Medical scrubs today not only help to distinguish medical staff from patients or other staff departments, but they also help to prevent the spread of infections. However, scrubs weren’t always as colorful and comfortable as they are now. In fact, medical professionals did not start wearing scrubs until the 20th century. Instead of scrub tops and pants , nurses wore starched dresses with white aprons and caps. Doctors wore regular clothing and sometimes donned a butcher’s apron while ...

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Does Your Job Have a Medical Scrub Color Code?

Color coded scrubs can be a blessing or curse depending on whom you ask. Some nurses, vets, dental technicians, etc. love that they never have to worry about picking the right patterns or prints, while others choose medical scrubs that reflect their own style. Why do hospitals or other workplaces require color coding? Here are some of the possible benefits associated with the medical scrub trend: The Potential Benefits of Color Coded Scrubs Increase patient satisfaction Color coded scrubs allow ...

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Washing Your Medical Scrub Tops and Pants

Washing your medical scrubs from home isn’t usually the first choice for medical professionals, especially since in the hospital laundry and professional laundromats, there are practices in place to ensure your scrub tops and pants are as clean as possible. However, not all medical professionals have the luxury of these options and opt to wash their scrubs at home. That’s why in this article we’ll give you some tips on getting your scrubs clean and sanitary from home! Tips for ...

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Should You Wear Your Medical Scrubs in Public

To change or not to change? Unfortunately, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Whether you choose to wear your medical scrubs in public depends on a variety of factors, including your personal preference. Here are a few things to take into consideration when making this decision: Sterilization If you care for patients in a sterile environment, such as an operating room, you should probably keep your scrubs in the workplace. A 2004 study conducted by New York Hospital Medical C...

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Trending: More People Buying Clothes and Uniforms Online

There are nearly 9.1 million healthcare professionals wearing scrubs in the United States, and a large majority of them work long hours. With their little free time, shopping for these medical uniforms isn’t always a top priority. Fortunately, there is a way to stock up on scrub uniforms without having to leave the clinic, hospital, or dental office early. Purchasing medical scrubs online is the most convenient way to find your next perfect pair of scrubs. Here are some benefits of buying ...

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Top 5 Medical Scrub Faux Pas

Some of the medical scrub faux pas in this article may seem obvious, but we know you still see them around the workplace, so it happens enough to bring up. By following a few simple guidelines, you can avoid these blunders and continue looking fabulous while feeling comfortable in your scrubs. #1 Wearing Dirty Scrubs Ok, maybe they have been washed, but stained or wrinkly scrubs are off-putting to just about everyone. Because we must pay a strict adherence to cleanliness and the transfer of path...

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Bring in Spring with New Colors from Sanibel Scrubs!

Sanibel Scrubs is excited to breathe some warm, spring air into your wardrobe with our addition of two new color options for pants and tops! We’re introducing Turquoise and Watermelon into our scrubs collection. Turquoise And Watermelon , These fresh new color comes in our same, loved mock wrap style tops . This top features a stylish notched neckline and mock wrap look. The two front pockets provide plenty of storage and a dart on either side of the top's back give it a flattering fit. Th...

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3 Tips for Selecting a Women’s Lab Coat

A nice women’s lab coast may just be the missing link in your medical wardrobe but with these three tips you’ll find the perfect lab coat in no time. Your Budget There are a lot of beautiful lab coats out there, but some can cost as much as $150. For most of us, that is a bit out of our budget. Sanibel Scrubs offers affordable options for women’s lab coats that suit all your needs for around the office or hospital. They both feature a pen and smartphone pocket as well as a hand...

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One Size Doesn’t Fit All: Tall and Petite Medical Scrubs

Finding clothing that fits isn’t always the easiest task. This can be especially true when shopping for medical scrubs. We’ve talked in previous blog posts about how important it is to find a medical wardrobe that fits properly, as it can affect how patients and coworkers perceive your knowledge and dedication. That’s why at Sanibel Scrubs we offer both tall pants and petite pants sizes. Women’s Drawstring Tall and Drawstring Petite Medical Scrubs Our Women’s Drawst...

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How to Choose Your Medical Scrubs Colors

Colors can have a major effect on mood and energy. Wearing your favorite color medical scrubs can have a positive effect on your entire day and the people around you. Colors are a powerful communication tool and it is therapeutic as well as expressive. There is truth to the energies that colors emit and there is no escaping them. Guys traditionally wear dark colors while women wear all colors and prints depending on their personality and mood. These two things influence your choices in choosing ...

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3 Quick Tips for Buying Medical Scrubs Online

There are so many choices to make when buying your medical wardrobe - what size, color, where to buy and what brand. When buying online, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure your scrubs are exactly what you want. Don’t Match Colors Across Brands One of the biggest reasons that scrubs are returned is because the colors across the brands aren’t exactly the same, and having two shades of blue can look a little off. Someone can buy a blue top from Cherokee to go with a blue p...

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Medical Professional Scrubs Styles

Any medical staff member that comes in physical contact with a patient and patients’ bodily fluids are required to wear medical scrubs for hygiene purposes. Originally, scrubs were comprised of a short-sleeved, wrap style top and loose elastic cotton pants, pulled on by doctors as part of the ‘scrubbing in’ process. These types of scrubs were only meant to be worn in the operating room so that the spread of germs and possible infections would be hindered. Nowadays, medical scru...

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Which Medical Scrub Style is Best for Your Body Type?

There are five basic body types that are used when picking out clothing. Not sure which one you are? Here are some questions to help figure it out: 1. Do you have curves both in the bust and hips with a narrow waist the hourglass ? 2. Are you rounder in the middle the apple ? 3. Do you have narrow shoulders and carry more weight in your hips and thighs the triangle ? 4. Are you busty/large chest with broad shoulders the inverted triangle ? 5. Is your waist not sharply defined, with a shape more ...

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Top 6 Nursing Supply Must-Haves

Just like any profession, nurses have their trusty tools of the trade. Like a mechanic has their tools, hairdressers with their shears and lawn care company with their mowers, a nurse's tools become a part of who you are. Here are the top six nursing must-haves: 1. Medical Scrubs Your medical wardrobe is your outward appearance to your colleagues and to your patients. Having a professional and yet still functional look is key when selecting your scrubs. Many nurses opt for scrubs with plenty of ...

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No More HAIs: Keeping Your Medical Scrubs Clean

Cleanliness, as you know, is important for your own health as much as it is for your patients’. You already wash your hands all day, use hand sanitizer, trim your nails, tie back your hair and do everything in your power to prevent illness, but what if that isn’t enough to prevent spreading germs? Healthcare Associated Infections HAIs such as MRSA Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus , VRE Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococci , and C. diff are very serious diseases that cause you ...

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Medical Scrubs: A Buying Guide

Whether you are working in a hospital, dental office, or veterinary clinic, most employers have some dress code when it comes to your medical scrubs . Some employers however, don’t have many or any restrictions when it come to buying your scrubs so feel free to have fun and choose from the plethora of colors, patterns, shapes and cuts there are to choose from. Here are some tips for buying medical scrubs: Choosing the Right Color Scrubs Sometimes your employer will only allow white scrubs,...

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Medical Scrubs: What to Wear

First impressions are always important, but especially so in the medical field. With your patients looking to you to be the expert and to care for their well being, it is important that their impressions of you are positive. You want to exude confidence, competence, and professionalism when treating your patients so that you can gain that trusting bond with them and to help them get better. In order to do this you’ve got to start off with a clean, professional appearance. We’ve gathe...

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Your Medical Wardrobe: How to Choose a Medical Uniform

Its true, company policy does dictate much of what goes into creating a medical wardrobe, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have choices of styles, materials, and more. In this article we’ll go through some of the options you have when selecting your medical wardrobe. Styles There are many styles of medical scrubs out there, from tailored and clean cut to feminine or sporty. While women tend to be more versatile in their wardrobe, men tend to stick to short sleeves, simple s...

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Show Your Support with Medical Scrubs for a Cure

Show your support with a stylish and functional medical wardrobe! October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and we have great print tops and warm ups to show your support in. Our printed v-neck warm-up jackets feature comfortable loose sleeves and have two patch pockets on either side. With their double darted back and three buttons going up the front they have a stylish fit. These warm-ups are 100% cotton and offer two pink breast cancer awareness ribbon designs to choose from. Likewise, Sanibe...

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